Eliane B (16 July 2011)
"To Robert Belanger - Angels, government positions"

In response to: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/july2011/robertb715-1.htm

Dear Robert,
Thank you for your friendship, your kindness and your blessings.
In regard to my reply to M.A.P., I don’t know if I missed one of his posts or if he (or she, I don’t know) didn’t post again on Five Doves again. I didn’t see his reply to anyone. I hope we have helped in some way. I think we must pray for his/her ministry.
Concerning the idea that God wants to replace the fallen angels in their positions of government, I would like to share a study (by Arlen Chitwood) that was the source for those thoughts I presented. I don’t know if Arlen Chitwood is right in his entire theology (I’ve read somewhere that he has been criticized for some of this doctrines) or in every detail he presents, but I thought that particular article to be very interesting.

God bless you and keep you too. We all need a lot of prayer. Let’s pray for the Doves as members of our own family. Rest assured that I’m praying for you. Please pray for me too.

Love and Shalom from YSIC,