Eliane B (12 July 2011)
"Pentecost x Trumpets, First Trump, Last Trump"




As I have made some posts in the past explaining my endtimes view,  everytime a make a comment about when I think the Rapture will take place, I forget to explain once more that I hold the view of more than one rapture. Therefore when I say “the Rapture”, I’m referring to the first and Pretrib Rapture.


I also believe that there’s going to be a Rapture on the Feast of Trumpets, but this would be the final Rapture, taking place instants before the moment that God pours His Wrath on this planet, just like what happened to Lot and his family.


The First Rapture is like the Days of Noah, when everything seemed peaceful and suddenly it began to rain. The Second Rapture is  like the Days of Lot, when Lot and his family were rescued instants before the unleashing of God’s Wrath on Sodom.


So when I say that Pentecost is more probable because of the reasons I have presented during my latest posts, I’m not saying that Trumpets is not an excellent candidate for a rapture event. I just think that the pretrib rapture is typified by the Feast of Pentecost.


Another point that I would like to make is the issue of the Wedding Feast. The Wedding itself is not the same as the Wedding Feast. The first happens after the catching away of the Bride and is equivalent to the consummation of the marriage, the honeymoon of the newlywed couple. The latter is the party that happens about seven years later, after the honeymoon has ended and the guests have arrived. Many people get confused with this issue, because nowadays the honeymoon comes after the wedding parties. But in ancient times in Israel, the legal arrangements were made, the Bridegroom prepared the house for the couple, then when the house was constructed and the father allowed, the Bridegroom went to fetch his bride (with whom he was already legally married) and about a week after the honeymoon, there was a wedding feast for the couple at the father’s house.


I believe that there are three raptures. If we exclude the rapture of the Two Witnesses, there would be two separate raptures, as there are two different Trumps.






Pretrib rapture. Jesus Himself comes to the clouds to perform this rapture.


The Wedding begins in Heaven (not the Wedding Feast).


After that (could be a few weeks later) the Tribulation begins on Earth. 

The Bride of Christ


probably Pentecost, Tammuz 28 or 29. This is the First Trump.


We don’t know the year! It could be 2011, it could be later!


Note: the first Rapture is the First Watch. 


The Bride is not called servant.

Reason # 1: Motif of Kinsman redeemer espousing a gentile bride, pictured in the book of Ruth, who arrives in his fields in the beginning of the barley harvest and the marriage happens by the end of the barley and wheat harvest. The end of the grain harvest (barley and wheat) is in the end of the month of Tammuz - summer, not spring. The present Hebrew calendar is corrupted. The Sabbath is not the same thing as the Gregorian ‘Saturday’ – therefore the way of counting from Firstfruits to Pentecost is wrong and Pentecost can’t happen in the month of Sivan. Pentecost in 2011 will be July 31st.

Reason # 2: Symbolism found in Leviticus 23:15-17. Two loaves of leavened bread being waved and lifted up by the Priest, towards Heaven. As the lifting up of the sheaf of the barley firtsfruits depicts Jesus and the first resurrected saints being presented to the Father in Heaven (on Nisan 16th), the lifting up of the two loaves of bread must depict another group being presented in Heaven too. This must be the pretrib Rapture!!!!

All the previous relevant events that took place on Pentecost had to do with things that came DOWN from Heaven. Something of high significance prophetically is still going to happen and will go UP to Heaven, being the final accomplishment of the prophetic significance of the Feast of Pentecost.


Midtrib rapture

The Two Witnesses (Elijah is one, the other is a mistery).


I personally speculate that the other is John the Revelator. Reason here: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/june2011/elianeb629-1.htm






3 and ½ days after exact midpoint of Tribulation


Note: this could be the Second Watch (Luke 12:38), when saints are rescued AFTER the Wedding has already taken place.


If anyone else (besides the Two Witnesses) is raptured at that time (midtrib), they are called servants, not bride.

Rev. 11:3,6


Please note that the final rapture can’t happen at this time because if that took place, there would no one for the False Prophet to persecute. Other Tribulation Saints continue to exist on Earth.


I’m not sure if anyone else is raptured at the same time of the rapture of the Two resurrected Witnesses. The reason I raise this possibility is because Jesus talks about three different watches in Luke 12:38.

Pre-Wrath rapture. Performed by angels.

The surviving Tribulation Saints + 144K (note: from this catching away, only the 144K have ‘Bride’ status, because they sing the New Song and are called firstfruits).

Feast of Trumpets (Tishri 1 or 2) a few months preceding the date of the Second Coming of Christ. This is the Last Trump.


Note: this could be the Third Watch (Luke 12:38), when more saints are rescued AFTER the Wedding has already happened long before.  These are called servants, not the bride.


Only from this point on (after the final rapture) will God pour His Wrath on Earth.


In Heaven, what happens is the Judgment Seat of Christ (when ALL believers will be united the the Body complete), Jesus is coronated King and the Wedding Supper begins.


Some time later (a few weeks or a few months) is the Second Coming.



I think that everything that happens from the start of the Tribulation until the Feast of Trumpets that precedes (by a few weeks or months) the Second Coming of Christ is not the Wrath of God yet. No believer will be on the Earth during the unleashing of the Wrath of God and its subsequent effects. The horrible things that will happen during the Tribulation are the wrath of Satan. The pre-Wrath rapture has to happen because there will be surviving Tribulation saints on the Earth and this territory needs to be evacuated before God sends His holy Wrath to this planet. The Wrath of God only happens after the Seventh Seal is opened.


Some days ago, I was reading the book or Ruth. I went to a Bible website that shows many different English translations. The English translation I normally use is the KJV, which says:


“So she kept fast by the maidens of Boaz to glean unto the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest; and dwelt with her mother in law.”


I never paid attention to that word “maidens”, until I looked at the different English translation page: http://bible.cc/ruth/2-23.htm


If you click on that page, you will see that in some other English translations, the word used for maidens is “servants”.


The New International Version renders: “So Ruth stayed close to the servant girls of Boaz to glean until the barley and wheat harvests were finished. And she lived with her mother-in-law.”


Now we see this picture of the Bride working together with servant (girls) again, as Luke 12:38 mentions that AFTER the Wedding, the Bridegroom RETURNS for those servants who are watching, be it the second watch or the third watch.


At the present time (before the first Rapture), the servants and the Bride are together in the field (Earth), but there will be a day (after the First Rapture) that the Bride will be gone and the servant girls (the foolish virgins) will remain in the field. I say servant girls because in the story of Ruth the male servants seem to depict angels.


Both the Bride and the servants will be given the gift of eternal life and this is a great privilege. All will belong to the Body of Christ.


The 144K are not part of the group of the Tribulation Saints, they are just raptured together with the Tribulation Saints who happen to survive the Great Tribulation. But the 144K sing the New Song, which only the Bride sings.


What I just wanted to share is a view where both the Feast of Shavuot and the Feast of Yom Teruah involve raptures. There were silver Trumps in both of these Feasts.


So when I say that I believe the Rapture is on Pentecost, I’m not excluding the possibility of a Rapture on Trumpets. I was just talking about the First Rapture, the Rapture of the Bride.


Remember that Eve was taken from Adam’s rib, not from his entire body. The rib is an organ very close to the heart.


For those interested in this subject and who would like to see more Scriptural references and expanded explanations, I present the links below:


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