Edwina (7 July 2011)
"Suzi - I agree something weird about ELENIN!"

Dear Suzi,
I also have done alot of digging concerning this topic, and the more you dig the more weird it gets, the lies and miss information but at the end of the day, the earth quakes alignment with earth/sun/elinin and the Chile and Japan, not to mention all the others there are just too many dots to not join them all together.
Tomorrow the 7th July will be an interesting day to see if there is any "event".... Jim Bramlett really gave me that wakeup call to look again at it all again. I must admit I didn't realize when I became a Christian and devoted to Jesus that I would end up being a detective and dipping into astrophysics!! Not my comfort zone and it is helpful to hear the doves views on this because it is all so prophetic and screams of the time of Jesus coming SOON.
We will have eternity to reminisce on whether we were right to feel provoked by all these events and counter-events in the natural and in the supernatural.
Keep looking up! we're going home soon!!