Edwina (19 July 2011)
"Fay - Great Link...thanks."

Dear Fay,
Well, what an interesting Link you provided! When I kept watching all the links and then the Japanese Disaster movie movie possibly 27 July a "sacrifice for the Illuminati" the sinking of Japan...is that what all the HAARP induced earthquakes are about? What a weird time we are living in.
In 2008 when the financial disaster occured I felt that a sand Counter had been started and that as the end became near the sand would flow out quicker and quicker and then there would be none left - an alligory of "end-time" countdown! Well, I feel we are the the last stage right now....the liquifaction in Japan isn't gpoing to suddenely improve what a tragedy for the Japanese people.
Thanks again for sharing,
sincerely edwina.