Dru (2 July 2011)
"To Barbara A Jessup ..."

Dear Barbara,
Of course I will be praying for you first and foremost ...
And this idea came to mind while reading your letter. Perhaps you could ask your landlord to please consider bartering services with you in exchange for rent. Do you clean houses? Then maybe they would be willing to have you clean their home once a week in exchange for rent. Do you garden? Then perhaps you could mow their lawn, sweep leaves, or tend to their weeds, etc, in exchange for rent. Homeowners require many services to maintain it, and to keep it running smoothly, so I'm sure that you have many abilities and talents the LORD has given you that you could barter with for hire. Just an idea ...and I will of course be praying that your landlord's heart would change so that you do not become homeless. That must be very frightening. Hugs 2 you, dear sister.
Jesus loves you so very much! ...and so do I :)