Drover (9 July 2011)
"Response to Pineman"

Letter heading: Response to Pineman Re: My Rosh Hashana minus 2595 days

You mistakenly divided the entire 2595 days by 7 which is not the way to look at it. There is 2520 days (Bilblical tribulation period) between 8/2/11 and 6/26/18 (and Christs POSSIBLE return) which is exactly 7 prophetic years, THEN add the 30 and 45 days to come to Rosh Hashana. The other 75 days of Daniel happen AFTER Christs return (most likely). You can't add those 75 days into the 7 years. There is NOTHING in the Bible that that says those extra 75 days are part of the tribulation and have to happen prior to Christs return, although they are a KEY period for Christ setting up His earthly reign. I believe that "Blessed [is] he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days" is is Rosh Hashanah and the fulfillment of the remaining Fall feasts that month. Count back 45 days and you come to the before mentioned  full blood eclipse and the 1290th day.

Regarding your comments of the 10 super nations and the AC's activities having to happen prior to the rapture or my proposed 8/2/11 date; I'm not even going to address these because we so greatly disagree on these issues and I really don't wish to get into a lengthy back and forth trying to get the other to be swayed to believing the others view so lets just let it go at that. It does however completely befuddle me how there are so many myths out there regarding the antichrist and the tribulation period which are simply not Biblical in any way yet folks continue to believe them. If you study Revelation it is clear the antichrist doesn't even appear until half way through the trib and ascends out of hell to reign for 42 months. It's very possible from scripture that he isn't even alive on the earth at this time, read Rev ch.11 especially verse 7, Rev 17:8 and ch.13. READ THE WORD! If it says it it is true. If your theology isn't backed up by scripture then it needs to change to what the Word says. It's OK to be wrong and change your thinking because of what the Bible says. THAT is true spiritual maturity.