Drover (6 July 2011)
"Rosh Hashana 2018 minus 2595 days"

First time poster although I've been reading Doves for many years. I've been saved since "78", am in my fifties and have been involved in many facets of church ministry for most of those years so in other words I wasn't born yesterday! I am not into speculation, license plate numbers and the entire myriad of things that are out there. No, I'm not bashing others but if it's not in the Bible I just don't want to hear it. Too many go astray by following things that are simply not in the word. There is only one place for all this end times stuff to be gleaned from and that's the Word, period.

Now onto the brief point of my first post! No, I am not a date setter but there are several very simple and indisputable things from the Word and history I have found to be very interesting of late. Most of this is not new to many of us but this is simply from some of my own studying over the years. As we all know there are several definitions of a Biblical generation, 100 years, 70 years etc. I find it very intriguing that the Balfour Declaration plus (a very close) 100 years is 2018. 1948 (no need for explaining) plus 70 is 2018. If you take Mathew ch.1, divide 2160 years from Abraham to Christ (yes I know, this is a somewhat disputed number BUT... one I have found to be accurate) by the listed 42 generations you get 51.4. Add that to the 1967 date (again no explaining needed) you get 2018. It doesn't matter what way you look at it, any chosen number for a generation added to key historical dates for Israel all point to the same thing 2018. PERSONALLY I don't believe that the rapture has to happen on any Jewish holiday. Christ fulfilled the spring feasts while on earth (yeah I get it that the Holy Spirit fulfilled Pentecost), He will also fulfill the fall feasts PHYSICALLY WHILE ON EARTH as well. I also PERSONALLY believe the extra 30 and 45 days of Daniel happen AFTER Christs return with the Church (yup once again I know this is a hotly contested thing to BUT...) so, if you take 9/9/2018 Rosh Hashanah , subtract the 2595 days (2520 tribulation + 30 + 45 and yes I get it that many don't believe in a 7 year trib but sorry, that simply is not scriptural, STUDY THE BIBLE!) and you come to 8/2/2011 (only note of interest of this date is it happens to be a Tuesday, many of you know what that means from studying the traditional Jewish wedding and the rapture!) . Also interestingly the 2nd "book end" full blood eclipses directly over Jerusalem (the 1st being the one we just had) in 2018 is exactly on the 30th day of the extra 30 and 45 days of Daniel. Yup, that would also be saying that Christs return would be about 6/26/2018 also a Tuesday not that that one means anything. So, we shall see but the above numbers are Biblical facts, not conjecture. I'm not saying we are going to be ruptured on 8/2 but I wouldn't be surprised if we did. I'm not saying Christ and the Church will return on 6/26/18 but I wouldn't be surprised if He/we did!