Donna P (19 July 2011)
"to Sherry B"

Hello Sherry and Doves,

After reading your prayer request of yesterday, I wanted to share what I learned from a Perry Stone meeting which I find has really been working when praying for someone's salvation or deliverance.  He said that the Lord had shown him that just as the Lord can put up a hedge of protection around us , satan builds a hedge around people who give him access to their lives so they can't see or hear clearly things of the Spirit.  So, if we call upon angels to hack down that hedge in the name of Jesus they begin to hear and see more clearly.  Then, ask the Holy Spirit to draw the person or people to the cross, bring them deliverance and healing.  I am seeing a difference in the people around me after praying that way every day.  Praise to God!  All glory to Him.

Your Sister,
Donna P.