Diane Gilbert (27 July 2011)
"Garry Boggs re Dr. Owuor"

Garry, have you heard any of Dr. Owuor’s talks that are posted on his website?  Have you read any of his newsletters on his websites?  Have you seen any of the miraculous healings during his revival meetings?  Have you seen his track record of prophecies coming to pass?  There are a few that have not come to pass YET, but he has never set a date when these would be fulfilled, just as Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and other prophets did not set a date, and many have not come to pass YET.  Dr. Owuor only glorifies the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Everything he says is in straight line with scripture, I have not seen anything false come from him at all.
Please consider the evidence first, before throwing out doubts questioning this man’s spirituality and integrity.  He is a prophet sent by God, of that I have no doubt. 

I agree, it is scriptural to test the spirits, but the bible also says “despise not prophecy”, and we should examine the evidence first, before questioning it.

Most people did not believe Noah, either.




Diane Gilbert