Diana (15 July 2011)
"Thank you and scorpion dream(s)"

Hello Doves,

What a mighty God we serve!  The letters you've all shared these many years have been wonderfully edifying - thank you for your love, for sharing.  And, John thank you dear brother for your years of service keeping the 5 Doves going - day after day, year after year!  You've all been a tremendous blessing and the 5 Doves is an important part of my church family.  Though unsaid, I do pray for you sisters and brothers and lift up all, expecially those with special requests for friends and family members.

Now, on to a strange dream(s) I had last Saturday night - I dreamt that someone of authority (unseen but heard) was telling me to cut off the heads of scorpions and make soup!  When I woke I thought "I want to share this strange dream w/my husband," and promptly forgot all about it.  You all know how dreams fade from memory.  Then later that Sunday I napped in the afternoon (which is rare for me).  Immediately I went into dream state and I heard "Remember your dream.  You were instructed to cut off the heads of scorpions!"

I believe God may be instructing me in spiritural warfare, but wanted to share this with you all and I welcome your insight.  Thank you again dear ones!  Soon, soon, we'll be with our wonderful Lord!