Denzil B (18 July 2011)
"RE: Dru - (VIDEO) Two Suns Nibiru Planet X Tyche Elenin Hawaii 29th May 2011"


I watched the
video here, and I'm sorry to say that the first "Sun" is the Moon.  The bright object off to the right of it is Jupiter.  This illusion is due to a well known phenomenon known to many photographers.  Just before the Moon appears it is night, the Observatories camera has it's iris wide open in order to catch enough starlight to register on the camera's imaging device.  When the Moon comes up the amount of light given off by even the  sliver of the Moon is enough to saturate the imaging device and make it appear very bright, almost like a sun.  However when the real Sun comes up the iris on the camera begins to close and the image of the Moon shrinks, you can even make out the phase of the Moon just before it disappears off screen.  If you go into Stellarium and set the location to Hawaii, and the date to 29th May 2011 and the time to just before morning, you can see that the relationship between the Moon and the Sun is identical to the video.  If you highlight the Moon in Stellarium and zoom in on it it will even show you the same phase as is in the video.

I'm sorry, but what is shown here are just camera artefacts created by the opening and closing of the camera iris during the transition from night to day.  On the other hand I do believe that there are plenty of signs in the Sky, Sun, Moon and Stars.  For every real sign out there there are many, many normal events that are misunderstood and misinterpreted as signs.  Some may be jokers looking for attention, some may sincere individuals lacking sufficient experience and knowledge to properly interpret what is actually happening.  We need to have plenty of discernment is trying to weed out the junk.

As a side note I do not believe that Comet Elenin is anything but a simple comet.  If it were as big as some have claimed we would have a number of planet's orbits being perturbed to a very high and very noticeable degree by now.  As an example, the planet Neptune was discovered when someone noticed Uranus' orbit being perturbed by an unknown object.  Observations and Mathematical calculations by Alexis Bouvard, John Couch Adams and others even pinpointed where this unknown object would be.  The planet Neptune was subsequently discovered as a result.  Neptune is big but nowhere near as big as Jupiter, and even from as far away as it was from Uranus, it still perturbed Uranus' orbit sufficiently to allow it to be discovered.  Amateur astronomers today have much better equipment then these men had, and there are many more of them.  They are constantly watching the sky looking for comets and anything else they can put their name on for their 15 minutes of fame.  So far no orbital perturbations of any of this solar system's planets have been reported.  Elenin has come close enough to the planet Saturn that Saturn's orbit would have been perturbed greatly if this Elenin had any significant source of gravity.

As far as the timing of Elenin with earthquakes and such goes, synchronicity does not necessarily mean causality.  There are likely other causes.  The currently held gravitational model of the Universe doesn't hold up well under all conditions.  Other models such as the electrical/plasma model do a good job of predicting what the gravitational model doesn't, but it is not subscribed to by many scientists.  Most scientists adhere to the gravitational model, and the electric model is quite controversial.  That doesn't mean the Scientists are right in doubting the electrical mode.  That's kind of a long way of saying that science doesn't know nearly enough to know what causality is in many cases.  Especially when trying to predict the ramifications of even small comets entering the Solar system.  While I don't necessarily believe that Elenin is anything but a small comet, that doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't have electrical effects that can mess with our Earth.

God is pretty amazing, there is enough that is unknown the He can use the unknown to fulfill prophecy and leave even the most astute scientists stunned in perplexity.

In Christ

Denzil B.