Debbie W (25 July 2011)
"3 Coments Coming in September - The meaning of their names"

Hello Doves and John!
I've been one of those lurkers of this website - it's wonderful and the only place I can identify with like-minded children of God.
I've been a christian for 30 + years and love prophecy. 
Afte listening to some prophecy shows - I learned that there are 3 coments coming in September/October 2011 timeframe.
The most well knowen is Elenin.
The 2nd one is Honda
The 3rd one is Levy.
I looked up the meaning of their names and found the following.
Elenin = The Hammer of Yah = Jesus Christ
Honda = Catapult, sling, slingshot
Levy = Join
So -with some tortured logic - you can come up with: 
 The Bride will be Catapulted (raptured) and Joined with the Hammer of Yah (Jeus).
Blessing to all of the Doves,
Debbie W.
Welcome to the Doves, Debbie!