Debbie (4 July 2011)
"To Brother Dave Gazaway"

Dear brother Dave,

I do no mean to imply anything, but your situation really touched me, and as I started to pray for you, a few things came to mind.

Was or has anybody in your past involved with witch craft? Any grand-parent? Your situation seems very unusual.

Are you an intercessor? Has the Lord laid someone who is involved in the occult on your heart, and you have been praying for them?

When you start to push in the spirit world the devil tries to push back.

I know, you know that it our battle is against principalities and powers. Eph 6:12

 So, I come in agreement with you and:

 “I come against principalities and power, spiritual wickedness in high places, low places (and in between places) I like to cover all grounds.  Dave belongs to the most high God.  At the name of Jesus every knee must bow, which means all you demons under the earth, on the earth and over the earth. I bind up any and all demonic forces that are harassing his life, or trying to hinder his life. Restore back what you have stolen. If Dave has missed it in any way, I believe God you will bring it to remembrance to him, so he can deal with it. The steps of a righteous man ( right standing with God) are ordered of the Lord, so Satan, you and all your cohorts take and keep your hands off Dave and all his possessions, because they belong to God and you cannot touch Gods property. In the name of Jesus”.


Brother I pray this every day. I also give the Lord my day before it starts.


Here is a good site with some great in-site.