David Webster (26 July 2011)
"Re: Fay and Christchurch earthquake"

Hi Doves,
Fay, your post reminded me of what occured for me, being near the epicentre of the first earthquake that hit Christchurch on 4 Sept 2010.
Here's my post to 5 Doves at that time, http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/sep2010/davidw94.htm
I had picked up on the fact that 22 February (2:22) was the day of the devastating earthquake, that had been given to me on that night that I asked the Lord regarding His return.
What is also interesting is the Lunar eclipse that I witnessed in the last few days of 2010, I think around 21 Dec, and as I stood there looking at it, I started thinking about what lies ahead next year.
The next few days are very critical in my opinion, based on the 3 solar eclipses that occured on 1 Av, 3 years in a row, 2008, 2009, 2010....none this year.  It feels much like a countdown to something, perhaps when you warn your children that you are about to act.  I know when I want to get my childrens attention, I count ONE, TWO, THREE......
Another time a few months ago I was praying asking Jesus how long it was until his return.
I was praying and reading the bible...then as I went to get up and carry on with the day. I sensed the Spirit say read 1 Peter 4.

SO I REACHED FOR THE BIBLE AND IT OPEN TO THE VERY PAGE, and although chapter 4 started on the previous page and carried onto the next, on the page it opened to was vs 7......wait for it.

My brother had been visiting our home a few months back and had asked the very same thing of God as he was relaxing outside.
I was inside when I thought I would put some music on, without knowing what tune was set to come up, a song by Blondie came on from 1970's.
I'm sure many of you will know it...........the song "RAPTURE" came on......my brother nearly fell over!!!!