David Robinson (9 July 2011)
"Amateur Astronomer's Report on Comet Elenin"

Below is a post from the Sydney Stargazers blog which has been posting photographs of comet Elenin for several months.  I don't believe this amateur astronomer is part of any conspiracy to deceive anyone about Elenin, nor do I believe Elenin is Planet X or Wormwood.  The Holy Spirit is just not confirming those speculations to me.  This astronomer will probably be correct about Elenin being a disappointment, even to stargazers, when all is said and done.  The blog is located at:  http://sydneystargazers.com/ and if you scroll through it, there are photos of Elenin on various dates.  (Other photos of Elenin can be found on this site:  http://www.astronomie.be/erik.bryssinck/C2010_X1_elenin.html )

The size and brightness of comet elenin is becoming a disappointment to more astronomers who are now beginning to lose interest in the comet. Sydneystargazers also predicted this a month or so ago that Elenin may end up a fizzer like the last visit of Halley’s comet. We will still document it here but don’t expect too much fuss about Elenin in the scientific community.

Comet Elenin is currently south of the ecliptic plane but will move north of the ecliptic plane on the 14th of September at a distance of 0.6 AU from Earth or 89,758,800 km ( 233 times further away than our Moon).

When comet Elenin passes Earth at it’s closest distance on October 16 it will be 0.03 AU or 4.5 million km north of the ecliptic plane.

According to the latest orbital data on Elenin updated 3 days ago, when comet elenin passes Earth not only will it be well above the Earth’s orbit but it will also be 0.233 AU (34.8 million km away from Earth or 90 times further away than our Moon.

And since the comet will be north of the ecliptic plane, so will it’s tail. This most likely means we will not even see any meteor showers when Elenin passes.

For those who don’t know, the ecliptic plane is the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

So to summarize…..

When it passes Earth October 16, comet Elenin will be well north of the ecliptic plane and 34.8 million km away.

Not exactly close since the minimum distance Venus gets to Earth every 1.5 years is 38 million km.

Data on Elenin suggests that the comet is only about 3 or 4km in size which makes it rather a small sized comet. Hopefully it will be still visible in the sky later this year but it certainly is not going to live up to the expectations of it currently circulating around the Internet.