David Robinson (14 July 2011)
"To: Kevin Heckle"


I am glad to see that you have put more thought into this subject than what I've see in any of the conspiracy theory videos.  However, I think one thing that you are probably overlooking concerning Elenin is that it is not a producing a "reasonably" short period orbital force on the earth.  It is exerting primarily a slowly increasing constant force.  Cyclic forces like the orbital forces that you describe do produce resonance effects, but I don't see how Elenin would produce such an effect.  I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I do have experience with structural resonances and resonant instabilities which are only produced by a driving force at the right frequency, magnitude, and phase.  As you point out about the effects of Venus alignments, it may produce an effect on or near the alignments, the key word being "near".  That was my point about the small change in vector forces with small changes in angle.  There is no super multiplier of forces that occur "on" the day of alignment.  When it comes to resonance, as you approach the exact frequency, phase, and magnitude, you do see a huge increase in the magnitude of the resonance, but you need cyclic forces or coupling to produce it


David Robinson