David (12 July 2011)
"Kings Highway"

Hi John,
Just a heads up and thanks for the article Kings Highway, as it filled in a possible query of mine, as I hadn't thought, the Lord would be also coming up the Kings Highway.
Our two Christian Witnesses do it, it appears three times and then back to Petra, our place prepared for us by the Lord.
So thanks for the thoughts, and it seems by horseback the Lord could easily touch down with us behind him at Mount Sion, go north and pick up the remnant in Petra, our brothers and sisters who survived after our TWO prophets are killed at the End of the Great Tribulation.... and then we proceed en masse together towards the Beautiful Gate.... with the Lord's victory march.
That's probably about two hundred and some miles, and so the time frames are possible and the scripture aplications probable. You may a bit of glaring mistake though from a Jewish angle, as we are the Bride and we are lead by the two Christian Witnesses, for we have faith and instant special faith is not given to others or the Jews.... and we are not raptuired before we are used to the maximum by our Lord and saviour. For we are His troops and we are his new nation, and Bride that loves HIM, and He has prepared a place for us in the wilderness. You get the dates pretty well, but then rapture Christians in the Mid Point whereas we finnally get to be in the greatest and most awe inspiring time, yet you took them to the clouds to do nothing ...while the action is happenning HERE.
Other than that Jewish twist towards them, it was well composed and verses matched.
But anyway, that article was a help. Thanks