Dave Hasselbeck (15 July 2011)
"Jerry / Amanda from Dave H"

Jerry – I am sad to hear that your wife filed for divorce due to your personal beliefs about the end times.  As I stated in my earlier posts, I do not attend any organized “religious” event(s) or go to any organized “religious” services.  I simply have found that I do NOT get fed by what they are serving.  You are absolutely correct in that there is a strong delusion in the US church – most are sound asleep.  As far as BHO – I am with you on that one.  The “change that we can believe in” is nothing short of the dismantling of the United States and fusing it into the new global economy.  I believe that he is truly the great deciever. He is not a Christian man as he claims and you can decipher this simply by his actions.  He has  a very dark agenda.  He decieved millions of our citizens into voting him into office, shame on us for doing so,(I certainly did not vote for him, but I think my spouse did) but it is all part of the big plan.  It is my hope that we will all be going home THIS YEAR!  I think we are just weeks away.  We will know very, very soon, especially  with this whole Elenin/PlanetX thing. 

Amanda – thank you for your response.  I have not had any visions or dreams as you have had – GOOD FOR YOU!  I, like you, used to watch TV – I have no interest and find it very difficult to stay attentive – I do watch the liberal evening news (Brian Williams on channel 5) national news only to try and keep up with what is going on, but other than that, I have no interest.  I find myself being “restless” - - - sort of like suffering from attention deficit syndrome.  I believe THIS IS THE YEAR we are going home and I find I can hardly hold a thought for more that 3 seconds!!!!  The magnitude of the events that are about to unfold just over the next few weeks is nothing short of staggering to me and yet hardly ANYONE really wants to talk about it.

Thank you John Tng for providing this outlet for all of us.



Dave Hasselbeck