Dave Hasselbeck (11 July 2011)
"RE: Tracy Nordin POST on Saturday 7/9/2011"


Your post on Saturday was absolutely WONDERFUL – very good post.  There are so many things that just keep going through my head, sometimes I think I am a looney tune.  Most folks think I’m a doomsayer, so I just do not talk about it anymore to anyone.  I keep it in my heart.  I believe that this Elenin/PlanetX/Nibiru is our wake up call – I believe we will be raptured when the earthquakes start around September 26th-27th-28th. (Feast of TRUMPETS).

Sometimes I think to myself: “Am I the only one who thinks this way?”  That is why I check FIVE DOVES daily, for confirmation and communion with fellow believers, your post struck a chord with me, it resonanted with me.  These thoughts constantly go through my head:


1)      We are at the END of 6000 years.

2)      The FALL FEASTS are yet to be fulfilled and the next FALL FEAST is the FEAST OF TRUMPETS (Rapture). (This SEPTEMBER !)

3)      Barack Obama “confirmed” the covenant with “many” on 10/29/2008 – the start of the 7 year or 1 week time frame.  From 10/29/2008 to 9/23/2015 (Feast of Atonement) is EXACTLY 2520 days.  (7years or 1 week X 360 days per year =2520 days)

4)      Jerusalem in the hands of ISRAEL once again after the diaspora on 6/7/1967 – JUBILEE is 49 years – from 6/7/1967 to 9/23/2015 (Day of Atonement) is EXACTLY 49 prophetic years – 49years X 360 days = 17640 days.  From 6/7/1967 to 9/23/2015 is EXACTLY 17,640 days.

5)      Psalm 111 (per Pastor Riley studies) correlates to the year 2011.  Psalm 111 verse 9:  “ He provided REDEMPTION(Rapture) for his people……….”

6)      Planet X is due to cause a lot of damage and will “shake” the earth at the exact time period of the upcoming FALL FEASTS (Sept 26-27-28).

7)      Israel a Nation once again in 1948.  Generation of 70 years.  1948 + 70 = 2018 minus 7 years = 2011 (Rapture).

8)      One world global economy in the works – America will not recover from whatever you want to call this (recession/depression).

9)      Middle East turmoil – appears a lot of these countries will be falling into Radical Islam leadership/government which is NOT GOOD for Israel.

10)   Barack Obama (the great DECEIVER) pushing Israel to go back to 1967 borders.

11)   China has 200 million man army.  These are but a FEW of the signs as they are  everywhere and are all around us.


There is a constant battle between SELF and GOD.  I must keep reminding myself that I am IN the world and not OF the world.  Sometimes it is so difficult to do that, and I go through self doubt – what if we are OFF by 20 years?  What if the Rapture does not happen for another 30 years?  Then people are going to REALLY think I am nuts.That type of thing………………..LETS ALL CONTINUE TO HOLD EACH OTHER UP.


YBIC – Dave Hasselbeck