Dave Gazaway (2 July 2011)
"I need your help - please pray for me"

John and Doves, I ask for your prayers for what has turned out to be an attack of almost unbelievable proportions on me and my worldly possessions.  I note worldly because there is only one ultimate goal for the Remnant.

I have not written in to the Doves area much, but have mostly enjoyed reading posts from others.  But at this time I ask for prayer, please.

I am a retired engineer (disability from CFIDS, symptoms similar to Gulf War Syndrome).  The primary symptoms, although the total symptom list is quite long, are moderate to severe muscle pain and extreme fatigue which varies in intensity.  I contracted what was the beginning of this precisely on October 31, 1984; so I have been in pain for about 27 years.  I tried to work as long as I could, but the stress of my mother's CHF and subsequent passing in 93-94 rather stressed me to the point of having to ask for a civil service disability retirement.  These are surprisingly hard to get, and, to this day, I am not being compensated the proper amount for retirement.

But today I come to you for an attack, as I noted.  I will greatly condense the events...

I have a long history of being a good driver, both 2-wheel and 4-wheel off-road, and have been a community volunteer involving underground rescue, high angle rescue, lost children (and adult) searches, tornado victim searches, driving medical personnel through snowstorms and icestorms to get them to work, etc, etc.  Within the last week, however an unbelievable sequence of events has occurred:
-- I live in Huntsville, Alabama, and tried to go north into Tennessee on June 23, to visit a friend, but couldn't get through to them, nor did I have their address.  I them drove a little farther north to see if I could get into a late Grand Ole Opry showing of some kind, but was too late.  I then proceeded to try to drive back home, which was south.
-- I somehow got on a wrong road that slowly meandered to the west and, though I didn't realize it, I ended up in a part of Florence, Alabama.
-- I was trying to figure out where I was, and now to get back.  This was one of the blackest nights I can remember, but I could see a little.  An unusual scarcity of *any* kind of street signs seemed downright odd.
-- Well, as I was driving along, I came over a rise, in front of me, in the dark, on a dark road, was a dark grey car, parked on the side. It was one of these new "tanks" that to me look like something from the 30's.  I slammed on the breaks, but neither the ABS worked nor did the tires grip; it was as if I was on ice.  I hit the car and knew I was hurt.  There was another identical car parked in front of this one. I didn't really know the street, but it seemed to be a thoroughfare, where cars wouldn't normally have been parked.  I was hoping someone would come out of one of the two old, small houses (maybe $10K each, with two ~$50,000+ automobiles in front).  Seemed kind of strange; but I sat, in great pain, hoping someone would come out and would call 911.  Noone did.  But I got the car door open and crawled across the street to the grass, where, praise God, I located a cell phone in my pocket and somehow communicated that I had been in an accident and needed help.  Communications were surprisingly difficult with the 911 operator.  The next happenings are a blur, but I remember going to a hospital, and being checked, and almost literally pushed out the door.  I had no car, was a ways from Huntsville, and finally rented a car.
-- Tried driving home, but ran into *incredible* rain and large hail that lasted and lasted, stopped and started repeatedly.
-- As I was nearing Huntsville (finally) I saw blue lights in the mirror of the rental car.  Long story short, he gave me a ticket; said I was going 25 miles over the limit.  I told the Alabama State Trooper (*very* rude to me) that last time I drove any of this road, the speed limit was 65 (He said I was going 70). He said no, and I was going 70 in a 45.  Through the hail, noone could have seen the side of the road, and I don't know when I went through there, but I, and everyone else, were certainly going slower in the rain and hail.  He said no 65 limit, and was unbelievably rude.  I went back and looked after he drove off -- 65 limit signs in multiple places.
-- What else could happen?  Well, it did!
-- As I was going through an area not very well-maintained road-wise, I dropped the right front tire into a mud area, and the car *literally* acted as if it was under someone else's control.  Like I said, I am an experienced driver, and can drive backwards forwards, spin, or whatever is required.  But this time it was like I was being driven by another force.  I could not get the car stopped, and needed to get to some level road to slow it down.  But when I hit the asphault, the Hyundai immediately violently oversteered and turned backwards.  I tried to get it under some kind of control, and considering the traffic was bumper to bumper I *only* managed to strike (rather lightly) two other cars.  Most damage was to rental car, which I supposedly had bought the extra insurance for, but officer still said I was driving without insurance, which is a law in Alabama.  The insurance was right on the rental car form!  At the previous wreck, although I had current insurance on all my vehicles (only the now totaled one had been driveable), somehow the newest updated insurance card from State Farm was gone from my wallet. Only the outdated one was there.  How?  I don't know.  I was taken now to Huntsville hospital, which left my ID/driver's license at the scene, and I have no idea where it is now.  I went home by taxi, athough I have to be very careful even of that at this time.  When I got home, the nice Christian (praise the Lord) cab driver kicked down my front door, so I could get in my house, since my keys were in the car at the salvage yard in Florence.  Now, I need new door and locks.  Funds are low.

People, I am hurt.  I have no way to get around.  Satanists are all around me, (for miles) if anyone recalls my previous posts.  And I have three (3) court dates I can't get to, with one in Florence; as well as having to file some forms I know nothing about, and have no way to go get, and have to contact whoever needs the proof (I don't know who to contact) that my insurance really was/is current.

Before all this, vandalism was occurring regularly in my yard.  Someone even stole the left front tire (an expensive sports tire) off my 91 T-Bird SC (the one totalled in the first wreck), and replaced it with another.  I now suspect that someone might have *needed* my tire for some sort of ceremony. :(  But I realize some things are hard to believe if one hasn't witnessed them personally.  I ask that you pray for confirmation of my story, that it be Truth.  I am very familiar with 1 John 4:4, and I believe it, for sure; but it seems the Enemy has gone to great extremes to take me out this time. I don't mention here the clear previous attempts on my life.

And people, I *really* need prayer.  Please pray that somehow things will be all right.  I am hurting bad, have a chronic pain disease, and don't know what to do.  I have no way to get food or anything else; and I don't know how to get a new license.  I am not suicidal, but I wish the Lord would take me home; I do so hope I am ready to go.

Please help me!

Dave Gazaway
Huntsville, Alabama