Danny B (4 July 2011)
"Re: Jesus Meteor Showers and Space Junk"

I would like to take a different train of thought on
the subject of meteor showers that I do not think
has been brought up yet.
According to NASA, there are currently over 600,000
pieces of space junk that are over 1cm in size orbiting
the earth. Plus several times that that are too small to
even track by radar. The majority of these are in low
earth orbit.
I would like to propose the possibility that an earth
shift or the shift in the magnetic field of the earth
could cause some of the space junk in low earth orbit to
return to earth. This would mean that the meteor shower
that we are looking for does not necessary need to
be connected to the passage of a comet.
If however the meteor shower is connected to the
debris field of a comet, then adding all this additional
space junk to the comet debris field will just add to
the light show on earth.
I am just thinking out loud but I think someone out there
will find this interesting.
Danny B