Daniel Matson (14 July 2011)
"Article update"

Dear Readers,
The following is a list of the 2011 articles found on the Signs of the End website from recent to oldest.
I have not e-mailed the last few articles. Research still progresses that favors 2017 as still a key year, but rather as a beginning.
One of the keys seemed that according to Psalms 90:10, a generation of 70 years seemed key in making sure that from the establishment of Israel in 1947/1948, that all must be fulfilled by the spring of 2018, making the prophetic Fall Feasts of 2017 key. However, it may be that the additional ten years to the age of 80 by strength be similar to those who must persevere until the end of the Tribulation. The significance of 2017 may still be held intact, but as the beginning instead of the end. In any regard, it is not time to stop watching or not being faithful to the work set before us.
Still at work,
Daniel Matson