Corey Anne (15 July 2011)
"Mary Adams"

I think I am the reason you felt led to share your story of your house and how it came into fruition.  I have quietly been going through one of the most difficult few weeks, and I am struggling.  You see, my husband of 18 years out of the blue told me a few weeks ago that he didn't love me anymore.  He said that he was only there because of the children, and once they are grown, he's out of here.  He talked to me for three hours and wouldn't let the kids (who were worried about me) come into the room.  The next morning and ever since, he has walked around like nothing's wrong.  We are also suffering financially, and this is new to me.  We are self-employed and in the construction business, and work is definitely slim.  And what work we've been blessed, with we don't get paid for without practically pitching a fit.  We are currently dealing with that now, AGAIN, and it's just so very tiring.  I have been going to the grocery store and buying a few things at a time, and I can see the worry in my kids' eyes.  I keep reminding them of all that our Heavenly Father has already done for us, and we are o.k.  It's just draining to live like this, and no doubt this has contributed to my husband's woes.  I will say with him revealing all of this to me that it has made me reexamine what kind of wife I have been.  I'm home with the kids and homeschool and do whatever he asks when he asks it; but I must say as my walk with the Lord has intensified, I have gone against his wishes for the sake of my self-righteousness instead of obeying him and allowing the Lord to change his heart.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for blessing me with this witness.
In Hashem's name,
Corey Anne