Christina (7 July 2011)
"Phoenix dust storm felt like an omen of things to come"

The dust storm that fell upon our city seemed like a strange omen of things to come.  I was outside swimming with my son when suddenly the sky turned dark and we could no longer see the sun - it was as if the sun had set but it was only five o'clock.  I started thinking about the darkness that many have seen in their dreams and visions.  We ran inside and watched as the brown enveloped everything.   Unfortunately no trumpet sounds!!  

This morning when I went outside to assess the damage, it was like a scene from an apocalyptic movie.  Everything - every car, street, plant, house - was covered in a heavy coat of dirt, as if they hadn't been used in years.  Our neighborhood looked like it had been abandoned years before.  The sky was still brown and heavy with dust.

I spent the entire day, hosing down everything in the back yard.  There was such filth.  I kept feeling like the filth represented the filth and sin of our world - it was just disgusting and overwhelming.  It could not be cleaned with a simple cloth - no matter how many times I went over the table, it just kept making more mud.  It took the high-powered nozzle to get rid of the filth!  I've attached a photo of the table on our patio ( which is covered if you can believe it).  

Anyway - I cleaned like a crazy woman!  If the filth represented the filth of our world, I was not about to have it in my house!!  I'm sure my neighbors thought I had lost it watching me hose down my bushes and plants!  

Yours in Christ,