Christina (27 July 2011)
"Hello! New here - I have a dream to share."

 Hello! My name is Christina
I had this dream months ago and thought I would share it.
It is the 2nd part of a 3 part dream I had.
I am writing this part because it seems it's showing what is coming.
Part 2 of my dream:
I am standing out in the parking lot of a grocery store like (Wal-Mart) looking east.
I notice there are a small bit of dark storm clouds together in the sky, as I am watching them they start
growing, bigger and wider, moving and growing , like a pot stiring, then they all start going one way covering more and more of the earth, moving faster and faster.
Next I am shifted above the earth to see what is going on and I see that these dark clouds have covered the whole earth, moving faster and faster, so fast that they shift the earth. (it was terrible)!!
Part 1 - I am at home just staring out my bedroom window looking east and I see the dark clouds.
Part 2 - Is what I wrote above
Part 3 - I am driving down the road in a convertable car.
I do not understand part 1 & 3 but it just seemed part 2 was going to happen in the future.
And just a week ago I had this dream ----------
I was looking off into the distance of a valley, some small hills, pretty, no houses just land, and I heard a loud voice say as plain as day, I am coming soon.  Short dream.
I have never had a dream like that one.  I just thought I would send both of them for people to read. :)
~ Out of the Mouth speaks the Heart,
    And in the Eyes show the Soul! ~
God Bless,
Welcome to the Doves, Christina!