Christina (25 July 2011)
"More Space Flight in 2011 - see NASA website"

When the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed safely back home, it was easy to think that another potential prophecy about the timing of the rapture passed without fulfillment - but there was so many similar experiences out there that it made me wonder if these visions/dreams of space shuttles and meteors could possible be fulfilled in a way that we weren't expecting.  

I was looking around on the NASA website and one thing that popped out to me was the continuing trips being made by an international cooperative that supports the International Space Station.  The next mission, Soyuz TMA-22, includes three astronauts - one American from NASA.  Check this out!  It's launch date is September 21st and it's scheduled docking with the ISS is September 23rd.  The crew is scheduled to remain docked until March of 2012.  This window would include the Feast of Trumpets, the closest passing of Elenin to Earth, and the Earth's passing through the debris field in November.  

Just a little food for thought....the vehicle they will travel in doesn't look like the shuttle, but it is definitely a spacecraft.  

Here is the link:

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