Christina (19 July 2011)
"Another Line of Proof to Support Recent Ron Reese Articles"

I wanted to offer up another line of scriptural evidence for the argument that Obama is the Anti-Christ, to support the recent articles posted by Ron Reese.   Every American President in my lifetime has been targeted as a possible candidate for this infamous figure, so I believe it is wise to look for scriptural support in our search for truth.  I am not a Bible scholar and eschatology is a very new to me, but I felt this important to share with others who are.  I have been pondering the description of the Anti-Christ as spoken of by the prophet Daniel.  I have been watching the development in the Middle East closely because in Daniel 7, it very clearly states that the Anti-Christ will overcome three nations – there is no ambiguity here – rulers of three nations will be overthrown.   As Donna pointed out to me earlier this year, Daniel 11 later states that these three countries will be Egpyt, Libya and Ethiopia.  So if we could identify who has been leading the initiatives in the downfall of Egypt and Libya, then we should have scriptural proof of the Anti-Christ’s identity.


 In my research I was surprised to see how much information was available to support the idea that Obama and his administration had direct involvement, if not a leadership role, in the revolutions in the Middle East.  I found an article that was reported earlier this year in the Telegraph that stated that one of the key revolutionary figures in Egypt had come to the United States, trained in revolutionary tactics and met with Congressional staffers.  The article reads:

 A cable from the American ambassador in Cairo in 2008, revealed by Wikileaks and written up in the Telegraph last week, described the return to Egypt of an activist, part of the April 6 youth movement. He had attended a conference in New York on youth activism where he had met with other international groups and described how they communicate with each other online, and various techniques for avoiding arrest.  He had meetings with Senate and Congress staffers on Capitol Hill and was invited to attend a Congressional hearing. He described a coalition of opposition groups including the Muslim Brotherhood, and their plan for a revolution and transition to democracy in 2011”

There are many articles available on the web that show the linkage of Bill Ayers and his wife Bernandine Dohrn with the Egyptian revolution.  Contrary to Obama’s statements, the Ayer’s have been longtime friends and supporters of Obama.  Andrew Breitbard reported in January of this year:

 We also know that Bill Ayers and Bernandine Dohrn were in Cairo.. engaging in protests while attempting to show solidarity with Hamas by entering Gaza with Egyptian protesters….Barack Obama and Bill Ayers had a significant relationship in the 1990’s, despite the president’s claim to the contrary. Sharing a business address for three years and working with millions of dollars together necessarily debunks the claim that Ayers was little more than “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” We also know that Ayers is an avowed Marxist…  the actions…of the Obama administration, coupled with the actions and words of Bill Ayers indicate a desire on the part of both to usher in a new Islamic caliphate in the Middle East, assuming they’re not ignorant of the Brotherhood’s goal.


Our involvement in Libya, being sold as a humanitarian cause, is nothing short of hypocrisy.  Obama defended military action in Libya stating that they had prevented a massacre of “horrific scale.”  Interesting that when protesters in Iran were arrested and killed by their government, we took no action, saw no need to prevent this massacre from taking place.  (I could go on with many more examples).  Even more disturbing is the news surfacing that the opposition forces in Libya consist of Al-qaeda cells seeking to impose Sharia Law in Libya.  Pamela Geller reported:

“Throughout Obama's presidency and all of the Islamic revolutions sweeping the Middle East and Africa, he has sided with the Islamic supremacists at every turn. Taking his marching orders from the vile America-hater and Jew-hater, the devout Muslim Sheik Qaradawi, Obama is now paving the way for an Islamic state in Libya”.

While Qaddafi still remains in power in Libya, it is likely that his regime will fall soon, indicated by the increasing defections of many of his key advisors.   A Libyan colonel who defected last month has said that the regime has had to use soldiers from its elite special forces to command its militias after experiencing months of desertions of its commanders.  Several key news agencies have reported that the Qaddafi regime is weakening.  When Qaddafi is overthrown, the second horn in Daniel will have fallen.

 It will be no surprise to anyone to find Al-Qeada supported groups and the Muslim Brotherhood claiming power when this happens.  It will be sold to the American people, once again, as a victory for democracy and no one will question what has happened or be aware of the scriptural significance of this event.

The Third Horn

So if you ask yourself truthfully, who is responsible for the fall of the Egyptian government and the soon fall of the Libyan government, it can be concluded that Obama will soon have accomplished both.   In my opinion, this may well be a partial fulfillment of Daniel 7.  What remains to be seen, is the third horn.  Listed in Daniel 11 as Ethiopia, there are various opinions on what land this would include.   It is my understanding that the Ethiopia of Biblical times consisted of the land South of Egypt which would include modern-day Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and possibly part of Yemen.  While we have witnessed a third Middle Eastern country fall in Tunisia, I am not certain that we can claim that this fulfills the geography of Daniel 11.  I will leave that argument to scholars who are more equipped to investigate.  What does remain clear is that as watchers we must look at this development closely as it is yet additional proof of the times in which we live.

Yours in Christ,

I found this photo while researching -- it gave me chills.