Charles D Landis (14 July 2011)
"Re: Harvey Troyer's article on Benjamin Netanyahu"

With regard to the numerical value of 1648 for "Benjamin" Netanyahu, here are some ideas:
Multiply the digits of 1648 to get 192, where 192 x 165 = 31680, the numerical value of "Lord Jesus Christ"
Take the "Trinity Reduction" of 1648 to get the TERMINAL NUMBER  VALUE of 919.  1648 - 919 = 729 = 9 x 9 x 9,
which represents a terminal situation.
Take total value of the 24 permutations of 1648 to get a value of 126654, whose "Trinity Reduction" equals 153, the
image of "Jesus".
Notice too that in 1648 AD there was a "Jewish holocost" in Europe.
All these calculations point to Benjamin being empowered by the LORD during a terminal situation, which could well
be the Psalm 83 war against Israel's enemies?  It looks like the LORD is actively involved with this war.
I would welcome feedback.