Charles (6 July 2011)
"Dreams of space shuttle"

Another poster put a link to a video Steve Coerpo on July 4th! Everyone needs to watch this!  In the video it's mentioned the sign of this event beginning will be a space shuttle being forced to return to Earth by a meteor shower. This video was done in 2005 the last space shuttle Atlantis is going up in July 8th.  This is the week of the peace conference to divide Israel. Those having shuttle dreams could not have seen this video it's been out of circulation and just recently posted on YouTube. Read Obadiah the prophecy against Edom where although they will set their nest among the stars and soar as an eagle God will cast them down because they conspire to divide Gods land. Guys the dream this video the us bird is the eagle our shuttle is going to our nest in the heavens the week July 11th we conspire to divide Israel. Please watch this video, re-read the dream shuttle meteor posts, read Obadiah kjv Doves Elenin is also aligning non Earth July 7th and a massive CME may result. These dreams may have been Gods warning to us watching to pray and prepare to survive what may be coming this week into next and witness! Read Obadiah our symbol is the Eagle, our shuttle is soaring for the last time. The reason God brings judgement sounds like the meeting July 11th. No one is listening here all our asleep. To those awake read the dream posts, watch this video, read Obadiah and prey as to how to prepare if this occurs.