Charles (4 July 2011)
"A Fish At Niagara Falls"

I was praying to Jesus about the world and the Holy Spirit gave me a vivid daydream vision I would like to share! The Niagara river is rushing towards the falls. There are fish in the river. The river is the world. The fish are the people. Most are swimming as fast as they can towards the falls. Everything they learned in school told them to swim with the current it's easier. The way is shaded so it's cooler no unpleasant light from the Son (for once an intentional typo)! There also more food there and fun ripples. A few fish sense something is wrong and the current keeps getting faster and stronger to swim against. These fish (Christians convicted by the Holy Spirit) turn around (repent of the lies of the world ways) but find out the other fish keep pushing them downstream. They try and warn then but they do not listen for the above reasons. In desperation these fish trying to swim against the flow see a fish hook and bite it. This is the anchor of our soul in Jesus to Heaven. As hard as the fish swim they can barely hang on. Slowly not to lose the fish the fisherman reels in his catch. Some of the other fish as the falls get close can see the fish swimming against the current were right. It's too late to find a hook so they hide themselves in the nooks and crannies of rocks and get trapped there by the current. The fish are reeled in on the hook and put in a calm pond where they can live and grow and have all they desire. The rest of the fish taking the easy going with the flow go over the falls and perish. Hook yourself to Jesus follow the Holy Spirit not the vain wisdom of the world. The Falls are ahead!