Cathy (12 July 2011)
"The 7 Trumpets of Atlantis"

There are videos and more at the link, below is just a snippet.

More Amazing Shuttle Confirmations
Soon and Very Soon, We are Going to See the King

Over the last week or so, Glory to Jesus, we have continued to receive an amazing number of new reports on “space shuttle” related confirmations.  Are they simply “jaw dropping” coincidences? Who knows for sure?   Only God.  However this information has been a huge source of discussion behind the scenes.

List of Amazing Shuttle Related “Coincidences”

Here below I will present to you this list of space shuttle related tidbits that seem to indicate that “Soon and Very Soon” something big might be on the horizon.  As with the previous article, “The Lost Shuttle of Atlantis“, many of these data points strongly indicate the “rescue mission” or “rapture” of the Bride of Jesus Christ maybe about to take place within days.  No matter what, we must all remain imminently ready.  It’s also very important that NO ONE becomes discouraged if nothing happens.  Glory to God!

Atlantis Mission Number 33

By now it should be very evident, the forces of evil use symbolism and hidden “occult” messaging in media.  There are hidden alien faces on many of our automobile logos, and there are few T-Shirts you see the youth wearing today that are not jam-packed with Satanic messages.

God Bless You All!