Carol Garza (9 July 2011)
"To Kathy S & Bonnie re: the church in these last days"

I am a little behind on 5 doves..just catching up !  But I also want to share that I too have been seeking a closer and deeper relationship with the Lord by prayer and studying/reading His Word more closely, carefully, thoughtfully and prayerfully.
In addition to the list of people I pray for, I fervently have been praying for the church..for the Lord to SANCTIFY us, PURIFY us, set us create in us all a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us.
I also apply the Blood of Jesus on me and my household daily.
This past weekend I re-read Nehemiah.  I especially love chapter 1 because of the way Nehemiah prays. 
(Btw, he too fasted).
The first part of his prayer which is thought provoking I will share now:

O Lord God of heaven, the great and terrible God, Who keeps covenant, loving-kindness, and mercy for those who love Him and keep His commandments,

6 Let Your ear now be attentive and Your eyes open to listen to the prayer of Your servant which I pray before You day and night for the Israelites, Your servants, confessing the sins of the Israelites which we have sinned against You. Yes, I and my father's house have sinned.

7 We have acted very corruptly against You and have not kept the commandments, statutes, and ordinances which You commanded Your servant Moses.

11 O LORD, I beseech Thee, let now Thine Ear be attentive to the prayer of Thy servant, and to the prayer of Thy servants, who desire to fear Thy Name: and prosper, I pray Thee, Thy servant this day, and grant him Mercy in the sight of this man. For I was the king's cupbearer.

I was moved by your post because I share the same burden as you shared regarding the church.  And in the last week or so, my desire to get closer to the Lord & spend more time in prayer concerning the church and unbelievers has intensified.

Not only are we to watch and wait but I am getting confirmation as His Return for us gets closer & closer, our desire to be purified and sanctified, and to become more intimate with Him is intensifying.

All Glory, Honor and Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ Who is and Was and IS coming again sooner than we know.  Come Lord Jesus.

Carol Garza