Candace (21 July 2011)
"Jesus is coming dream and rapture dream"

The other night I had a dream and usually even though I don't completely understand all of them I usually know what they pertain to so my dream was 7 constellations that was it. I was looking in the sky and couldn't  really make out what I was seeing or either I don't remember what I saw all I could remember was knowing 7 constellations and knew it had to do with Jesus coming. Maybe someone else may understand the 7 constellations anyways I was reading a post today on here about a rapture dream so I thought I would share one of mine the one that means the most to me. I dreamed I was in a building and out the window it turned dark and hard rain started pounding the window so I grabbed my little child's hand and ran to another room where my husband was laying on a couch asleep, I woke him up and said its time and he said where are we going? When he asked I looked out the back window opposite of the window where the storm was and saw a brick building on a hill with the sun shining on it and I said we are going to the church I went to when I was a little girl. When I woke up I knew it all my husband is died but soon his body will wake up from its sleep and we will go home. He was the example for me of the resurrection and the church when I was little where I got saved was home heaven!