Candace (11 July 2011)
"Dream meaning?"

July 8th night I had a dream that is puzzling me. I knew it was so important that I made my self wake up out my sleep at 3:00am just so I could remember it but when I jumped out of bed and thought about it it seemed like it was nothing but I know it was no silly nothing dream because I knew in my sleep it was important. I dreamed I lived across from a church and I was sitting in the pew talking to the pastor he said they have a daycare and my little girl could go and I wouldn't have to pay anything and I thought she would love that plus its right across the street and she would be close to me so he said I will come to your house at 5 0'clock this is where it is weird all of a sudden I'm at my house(this house is really not even my house ) and I notice its 8 0'clock! Ok How can he be at my house at 5 when its already 8 (I knew he didn't mean 5am) plus why was he even coming to my house we were talking about my daughter going their to daycare. I looked up 5 0'clock and it means the eleventh hour but I can't find anything for 8 0'clock I don't know if I did that I would even understand my dream. This is not a nonsense dream please believe me I know the difference. I can't quit thinking about it. If anyone has any ideas I will be glad to here them. (And I know it has nothing to do with my daughter going to a real daycare)so it has to stand for something else.  Thank you, Candace