Bruce Warner (9 July 2011)

Dear Doves,
Luke 21:26
"Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of WHAT IS COMING ON THE WORLD, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken."
I believe that this prophecy may be about to be fulfilled with the 'appearance of Elenin' "COMING ON THE WORLD" in the September-October time frame during the Fall Feasts of God.
 I believe that the fulfillment of this prophecy  could be  announcing the beginning of the seven-year-long '70th Week of Daniel' during the 2011 Sept-Oct Feasts of the Lord. If the '70th Week' begins during the Fall Feasts of 2011, then 3 1/2 years later will be March 2015.
The U.N. is now working on a 'covenant with many' nations that would create a Palestinian State on land that now belongs to Israel. This 'covenant' is going to be voted on by the member nations in the 2011 Sept-Oct 'Feasts of the Lord' time frame. It is sure to pass!
The 3 1/2 year exact day-count is 1,260 days from October 8, 2011 - the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur - to March 20, 2015/Nisan 1 which is (1) the day of a "sackcloth" solar eclipse, (2) the day of the Spring equinox, (3) the day of a New Moon, (4) the day of the weekly Sabbath, and (5) the first day of the Hebrew Spiritual Year. Only fourteen days later on Passover April 4, 2015/Nisan 14 there will be a "blood moon" lunar eclipse.
"When these things begin to happen, look up your redemption is near."
According to Your Word, come Lord Jesus!
Bruce Warner