Bruce Baber (30 July 2011)
"To Steve Coerper...after some additional thought"

Brother Steve,

One of the reasons I have always hated emails is that it is poor substitute for conversation over coffee, or even handwritten letters where you have to put a lot of time and effort into it and as such you are so much more precise in your wording.

I do seem to recall that you see two rapture events too.  (Hope my memory is coming back).  Clearly I believe in two raptures also.  I think it is just the matter of who goes in the second rapture where we diverge in opinion.  Am I getting this right?  I do see your side of the issue.  Perhaps your idea is correct and I truly respect it.  I settled the issue for myself a long time ago and I guess I can't see myself changing sides this late.

My brother, please keep up your good work.  You are always providing us with good thoughts here on Five Doves.

Thank you.



Bruce Baber