Bruce Baber (25 July 2011)
"WOW!  Great teaching on Tu B'Av!  Please, please watch."


Wow!  I found this teaching about Tu B'Av and listened to the whole thing.  It is 62 minutes long, but I paid especial attention to the section 49:56 to about 52:50.


This is long and challenging to listen to because she talks very fast.  But she does talk about all the things I had dealt with in my other posts on Five Doves concerning Tu B'Av.  The section that I pointed to above was so interesting to me because she emphasized that the most important difference between Tu B'Av and the other Jewish holidays is that while other days only commemorate a past event, Tu B'Av (while it does celebrate leaving the graves and entering the promised land) is forward looking to something in the future and finds its ultimate fulfillment in that future event!!!!  In other sections she explains that is also the one Jewish holiday that women an important key role.


I would also recommend that you listen to the last two minutes.  IF this is the year...IF this is the season... this might be the long awaited Jewish festival to watch most closely for the rapture of the bride!


Oh, dear Lord please give us confirmation.  Amen.



Bruce Baber