Bruce Baber (21 July 2011)
"What would be Satan's counterfeit of the New Jerusalem?"


It has always seemed to me that the devil uses counterfeits.  You know as well as I do that the antichrist is a counterfeit of Christ.
In my paper "The Two Feet of the Body of Christ" I tried to show that the worldly kingdoms represented by the statue in Daniel's dream was nothing more than a counterfeit of the body of Christ.  I didn't use the term counterfeit in my paper, but I did explain it as a parallel.
God uses parallels for instruction.  Christ used "parables" which are parallels.  The devil uses counter-parallels for deception!
My understanding of the New Jerusalem is that it will be in synchronous orbit above the earth during the thousand year millennial kingdom.  Now bear with me on this.  If there is any truth to a few of the reports on something called Planet X or Nemesis out there, wouldn't that fit the pattern?   Might the devil have a counter-parallel to the New Jerusalem?
Something to think about.  Write to me and I will send you an email with "The Two Feet of the Body of Christ" which explains parallels.
Bruce Baber