Bruce Baber (18 July 2011)
"Some who looking below ground... and some who are looking up to the Lord"


Back in I think 2007 or 2008, then Tennessee governor Bredesen began construction of a 19 million dollar, two story underground "ballroom" under the grounds of the governor's mansion.  It was officially named "Conservation Hall" but local media called it "Bredesen's Bunker".  Supposedly it was funded primarily by private sources.


Back in 2006, construction of the underground seed vault in Norway began.  It was nicknamed the "Doomsday Seed Vault."  Some sources said that it was entirely funded by the government of Norway, but other sources said there were also private investors.


Two odd and unconnected occurrences don't have any significance.


I don't have the inclination or energy to look at every website.  I certainly don't want to waste my time checking out half-baked conspiracy websites either.  I don't encourage anyone else to do that.


I was just pondering the emergency preparedness message delivered to NASA employees.  I wondered to myself, "is something going on?"  I've looked at a few of the videos that deal with planet X and brown dwarfs.  Scary stuff.  I could let my imagination run away and think that maybe something was going on.


Then I remember in Whom I have put my faith.  It doesn't matter if some rich investors are sinking millions in underground bunkers and seed vaults.  Seems to me that if something was coming, the only wise thing to put your trust in is Jesus.  Seems to me that the rich are looking underground for their safety.  Personally, I'm looking up!



Bruce Baber