Bro. Jones (4 July 2011)
"International Peace Summit July 11, 2011"

This could be a big one.  The Quartet is meeting in Washington to give 1/2 of Jerusalem to the Palestinians, plus more land to them, and to kick a bunch of the Israelis off the land they have lived on for years.  Plus a rollback to the 1967 borders.

If you have read the book:  "Eye to Eye" by William Koenig and the book "God's Final Warning to America"  by John McTernan you know DISASTERS have followed every time they have tried to take Israels land.

SHAME on them this time.  With the fires in America, and the Missouri River flooding, and the 2 nuclear power plants in danger, America is in GRAVE  DANGER !!

Lord Bless You

Bro. Jones