Bonnie Jay (9 July 2011)

Kathy;   Thankyou for your post and kind words.  It is the Lord that we take for granted and His shed blood
that we treat as something 'common,'  when we do not walk in close fellowship with Him and obedience,(which
of course includes a life of repentance because of our inherent fallen natures still with us.)  I think you are doing
better than I am, please remember me in your prayers that I would be found worthy of the Lord to be His bride.
Blessings to you,   Bonnie J.
I  love this photo because it gives a mental image of what our relationship to the Lord 'looks like.'
Notice the bride is absolutely lovely, she is dressed for the wedding, (see: Matt.22:12), which means
she took considerable time to prepare herself, she is holding her grooms hand, (closeness & 'following'),
and her demeanor is one of humility: as beautiful as she is and elaborately dressed, she is not haughty or
full of pride. She is humbly following her Lord.
I guess it's true: a picture is worth a thousand words!  lol