Bonnie Jay (7 July 2011)
"Loved your post Robert"
Loved your post Robert:  "...the Bible can be viewed as a book about a marriage contract, the marriage of Jesus
and His Bride."
We are the Lord's 'BETROTHED,' which is exciting and wonderful. But remember we are NOT married as yet.
Before Joseph was visited by the angel, he was going to 'put Mary away' privately, being a just man.
I too struggle with the Martha - Mary 'syndrome.'  Martha represents our 'real' responsibilities on this earth.
Most of us are on overload and have way too much to do.  I am certainly not suggesting here that we dismiss
or neglect our real obligations and responsibilities in any way.
With the Lord's return so very near, it is so very important to carve out time for intimacy with the Lord like
never before.  If we are not intimate with Him now in this present time, why would He desire us to be with Him?
Love in Christ,  Bonnie Jay