Beverly (15 July 2011)
"For Amanda & All my Dove family!"

Since my 1st post the other day..I have been so blessed & uplifted by all the response from this site.  You all have, with the most sincerest of heart, given me words of encouragement, strength & conformation that MANY of us are going through allot of the same emotions & concerns.  I could not help but chuckle as I read your post Amanda...I never dreamed that someone else was basing their decisions on remodeling or worry about weight gain on the fast approaching rapture date!  Girl, you are indeed a kindred soul of mine!!  Every time I am outside whether day or night I am looking at the sky, several times I have jumped out of my skin at loud abrupt noises...only to find myself looking around checking my surroundings, realizing I am still here, and laughing at how odd I must have looked to everyone else in the room!   I can hardly wait to meet you new found Dove family at the feet of Jesus!

Ya know, over the last month or so, I have realized that the Holy Spirit has really been leading me to a few REALLY special sites...He has made a way for me to have the type of true fellowship I've needed & longed for awhile...My God is so good!  I praise His holy name for finding all of you for all of ME!

your "kindred" sister in Christ,
Beverly / Memphis

ps: Amanda
I am seriously considering taking your approach & reading Doves w/my coffee in the morning too....perhaps then I won't need so much coffee to wake me up from my late & sometimes long nights with my DOVES !!   Haha!  :)