Beverly (12 July 2011)
"Re Dave Hasselbeck"

Dear John & all Doves :

1st of all this is my first post to the Doves website..Thank you for following the lead of the Holy Spirit in setting up this site!  I was saved i982 in my pastor's den, kneeling at a foot stool!
When I got up from that footstool...I was a new & different woman...oh the joy!!  

My parents enrolled me in a private Christian school in 6th grade & Bible was a required subject !!  I remember studying the time line for the 2nd coming so vividly !  All of my class would spend the entire period trying to get the Bible teacher to say "Rapture is along way off", we all wanted our chance to grow up & have a life first, before the rapture took place!  

You know, back then I had plenty of friends that I could talk to about the rapture, none of them judged me as a fruit loop over it!  Now, now that is a much different scene!  I must agree with you Dave, everyone that I try to share my excitement with just shakes their head at me & whispers behind my back.  My husband is most definitely the worst one of them all!  As you might have guessed, I am uncertain about his many times & in many different ways I have tried to show him (others too) the fulfillment of prophesied events.  NOT anymore!  I too have had to just keep to myself, sometimes feeling like I will just burst with emotion.  Even worse ares those moments that I am beside myself with excitement of the nearness of His shouting, only to be quickly saddened at the thought of those that obviously aren't ready....I feel like "gum-by" getting pulled from both sides!!  

I too have found much comfort & joy in the sites I visit daily & the brothers & sisters at each that are more than happy to share this time of amazing wonder with as events unfold!  So we will hold on to each other as the family members we are indeed & know that at any given moment we will ALL meet at the feet of our Jesus!!!  Amen?

Beverly / Beecnu     Memphis