Barry Amundsen (25 July 2011)
"My opinion of the PDF book Judgment Seat of Christ" by Arlen L. Chitwood"

Hi all, not trying to stir up controversy but just want to give my own opinion about this e book:
The PDF book "Judgment Seat of Christ by Arlen L. Chitwood, recently posted to here (along with one other similar book) goes to great lengths to say that all Christians will be raptured at once and then rewards or punishments will be given at the judgment seat of Christ. Included is the teaching that the promise to the Philadelphia church of being kept from the hour of temptation that shall come on all the world etc. is not a reference to the rapture because that would then suggest a partial rapture of the church.
In my opinion when one has to go to such lengths as this book does to make a point in scripture and explain so many things away beyond what the scriptures are simply saying, there is reason to be wary. Many times in the scriptures Jesus and the apostles warn us that although many are called few will be chosen. Branches that do not bear fruit will be plucked off and cast off and men (not angels or Jesus) will gather them to be burned. That sounds like the tribulation to me. When you consider the plans in place for just such a scenario as many Christians being persecuted after the rapture (look it up there is much ready now) it makes sense that many will be left here. If all Christians are raptured at once, who will be persecuted? Jesus said that many will seek to enter in and will not be able (apparently due to wrong doctrine and beliefs) and that those building a tower on a foundation of their own laying who are not able to finish it will immediately be mocked by all who behold it. (The tower reference being in my opinion suggestive of the tower of Babel and signifies the attempt by man to reach heaven through a means other than the way provided by Jesus Himself. Many who do not make Him Lord are doing this and think that they will enter in but will not.) I think this is referring to the scene immediately following the rapture when Christians who were "following" Jesus but had never become His disciples, (willing to put Him ahead of family and their own life) are left here to face the mocking and persecution that is sure to come after the rapture.
I do believe that the Philadelphia church is promised to escape the tribulation period and that those other churches that are left behind will revert back to the dispensation that was before the church began (Jesus removes their candlestick). Naturally there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth at this situation. (But weeping and gnashing of teeth in heaven? I can't picture that as easily.) They can still be "saved" but by "fire" of the tribulation and must be killed for their faith. So many will be in this group that no man could number them. But the bride that finds the narrow way is always few in number. So much of scripture lines up with this without endless convoluted explanations of "private interpretation" which is what I think is happening when one comes along and offers to show the rest of Christendom its errors.
That's my opinion. I welcome yours too.