Barry Amundsen (20 July 2011)
"Rapture Dream from May 2000 In response to Sandra's rapture dream"

Sandra, your post reminded me of my dream of a long time ago which I posted about then and I thought I'd post it again. Thank you for sharing yours. The following is a post and response from myself and Joe Hoyle from back in May of 2000: (I have removed the portion about another dove's dream that he was responding to also.)


Joe Hoyle (7 May, 2000)
"_________ AND BARRY'S POSTS"


Barry Amundsen (6 May, 2000)
"My Rapture Dream"


From Barry Amundsen

I knew as soon as I woke up that it was no ordinary dream and that it was a gift from God for me to know that I was in God's love and ready for this event.

I was at some religious gathering with a lot of Christians and although there was much praise and worship going on in a large convention hall type place, I was by myself there and felt isolated and alone. (This did not seem unusual, and has happened to me in real life plenty of times for some reason.)

Anyway, I soon found myself at a church where I attended as a kid. (I'm 40 now) It appeared to be Sunday morning as there were many people there in different classrooms and services going on even some outside due to overcrowding. But again, I was walking around alone here too.

(Don't ask me what this part means, maybe nothing...) Although one large outdoor class of young children was having a closing prayer while I was walking past, I did not feel that I should join in, but instead walked to the patio area where they were putting out the donuts and coffee. I went and with a smile from the lady, I helped myself to a donut which as was cut in half, the way they did, and I took two halves but I noticed that these donuts were huge, and there was no way I could even eat one half, so I was telling myself that I would need the other one to eat later... (Sorry if this part is just nonsense, but it's what I dreamed...)

The next thing I knew, it was late at night and I was still at that church on the grass not far from the patio where the donuts had been put out. It was deserted and I was sitting on the lawn reading from a book that was saying that if you are in negative or difficult circumstances, that does not mean that you are out of favor with God. I took great comfort in this and began to contemplate it as I laid back on the ground and looked up into the stars. I immediately noticed a faint star that was moving very slowly in relation to the other stars and wondered at the fact that I had somehow found that tiny spot of the sky to set my gaze upon. The only spot that had this moving star. (If you've ever seen a satellite moving at night among the stars, it was like that.) But just then, to my amazement, this moving star picked up speed and grew in brightness until it was very clear and moving so fast across the night sky so as to cover an enormous distance in no time at all. I was now astonished as to what it could be but before I could even wonder, I began to see more of the same kinds of lights doing the same thing in all directions everywhere in the sky. At this sight, I jumped to my feet in excitement and said to myself or to God, "Is this IT?" And before I could wait for an answer, I felt an enormous force lift me off the ground and hurl me out into space, like I was superman, with arms out in front of me just flying with incredible speed. My immediate thoughts were that I hoped it was not just a dream and also I was thinking I hope nothing can make me fall back down to earth because I knew that at that same moment, earth would from this time on be a very bad place to be. I couldn't get away from it fast enough and was just wanting the experience to be real, not just a dream or in any way to fail. But no sooner was I thinking like that than I began to be strangely aware that it was in fact not the actual event but just a dream. I was saying, No! No! even as I began to wake up and see that I was just in my bed. However, along with the disappointment that it was just a dream, came the assurance that it was a dream from God and I was being given a gift. His presence was there and He was smiling, telling me that all would be well with me. My eyes were opened at this point but the room was dark and He told me to close my eyes again. When I did, I was amazed and smiled big, knowingly, because what I saw, was that I was right back in the sky still flying as real as it was before, in 3D, and color, but NOW I WAS AWAKE, SEEING IT! Then I really knew this was special, and I thanked God over and over. I've never been able to reenter a dream like that once I woke up from it.


If anyone has any thoughts or ideas about what any of the dream might mean, I'd welcome your input.


Barry Amundsen



I really enjoyed ______'s and Barry's posts. Would like to give short responses to both.

Now to Barry. I have great understanding of Barry's feeling of aloneness and isolation, and in particular in crowds. I have always just hated being in crowds of most any kind.....that is where I have always felt the most lonely, and I for sure avoid being around a lot of people generally.

On the other hand, I feel most peaceful and happy alone, and especially out in nature. I just fill closer to life......that's LIFE, and more in tandem with the LORD GOD being alone. But of course, there are always exceptions to both scenarios.......but not many.

As far as the stars in the Heavens. We all know about the Bright and Morning Star as representing the LORD JESUS, and whose Star is the most dominant and prominent in the Heavens.

Enoch in the BOOK OF ENOCH revealed that the stars in the Heavens represents the Elect.......the Chosen! One of those Stars up there somewhere represents each one of us and our status in the KINGDOM! Enoch further stated that the LORD GOD knows each of our Stars by name, and calls out to them, and they speak back to HIM. Sounds like the same as our dealings with HIM as well huh?

So anyway Barry, the HOLY SPIRIT tells me that the Star that you seen moving across the sky first, represents you, and is your Star. The other stars representing the others of the Elect, who themselves begins to stir and move in the sky with great expectations, as yours did. Soon after, you are pulled forcefully upward, leaving all natural laws, and operating anew within Spiritual Laws. Yep sounds like a Rapture dream to me, and another early warning to others.......who are being made aware of it, and as to what is getting ready to happen.