Barbara Howard (28 July 2011)
"Releasing the Captives!!!"
Alan & John,
Thank you so much for the above post from Greg Laurie. It lines up so much with what the Lord has been showing us. It is time for the church to come out of the 4 walls and reach the lost, BEFORE th Rapture!!!
The Lord has been convicting so many of us, but since we're comfortable, and believe we're OK, we don't witness to the lost. Yet for many it's not that you don't know what to do, but How be effective as a witness for Christ!!!
Please visit two sites with two effective methods for soul winning:
Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron: Way of the Master is good, and will bring them in.
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne: Revival Ministries International in Tampa, FL. and supporting ministries and churches around the world have lead over 200,000 souls into the kingdom of God, since January 2011. One Soul Saving Station=S3 in Paris, France has lead over 11,000 people to Jesus. The primary pastor God used, is a former Muslim Imam.
I encourage everyone to visit click on the soul winning tools - ALL FREE!!!
Download copies of the soul winning script and other material, including free follow-up DVD then, go out and bring in the Harvest before the Lord comes to get us.
The only thing from this earth that is eternal is SOULS, Lets win the Lost at any cost!!!
Much love and grace to All
Barbara Howard
Prevailing Love Evangelistic Assoc, Inc.