Armando (1 July 2011)
"Rapture Dream and possible July confirmation!"

To all the Doves:

I first would like to thank Raul D, Nicole, Nando and other contributors for sharing their stories concerning the dreams and visions of their loved ones.  These testimonies are a great encouragement to those waiting for our Lord's return.

My son's dream:

The other day, after reading several of these testimonies,  I became convinced that we are extremely close to the rapture.  I asked the Lord for a confirmation for a July rapture or another major prophetical development.  The following day while at work, I received a text message from my younger son who lives and works in Atlanta..  He had woken up in the morning at related to me that he had just had a dream about the rapture.  He dreamed that he went to a restaurant and there were people that he did not know with him.  The waiter approached him and said, " Sir, your table for seven is ready ".  He immediately realized in his spirit that the number seven was for the rapture and he immediately left his body at very high speed.  He went through the clouds and then woke up.

I recalled that about 3-4 months ago, I was sending to him articles about the soon return of the Lord.  He asked me not to send him any more information about the end times.  He said that the Lord will come when he comes and he did not have much time to dedicate for reading.  I respected his wishes and I did not touch the subject again until this incident.  
We then talked on the phone for a while and I could tell how exited he was about the dream because as he said, it was so real.  We hung up the phone and immediately I recalled the petition I had asked of the Lord the day before.  To my interpretation, the number seven stands for the rapture.  I believe that the Lord confirmed to me through my son that a major prophetical event will occur this July, the seventh month.

May God bless all of you for watching patiently,