Ariel (15 July 2011)
"dream - meaning?"

Hello Brother John,
I've never posted before, but read the site almost every day.  Blessings!  Anyway had a dream I would like to share to see if any responses.
Love in Christ,
Welcome to the Doves, Ariel!

Dream 6-26-11


Me and Judy (neighbor friend) were by a body of water, not sure if ocean or lake, sitting in sand having a picnic lunch.  She had a large red cooler with a white lid.   I look up into clear blue sky and I see  planes or helicopters, not sure which.  They become blurry like you were looking at a film where the camera was shaking, and I called to Judy who was a little ways from me.  I told her, we gotta go, NOW…… one plane fell out of the sky , I told her leave everything, RUN! We get to car and drive like maniacs…we get to a crest of a hill and look down in the valley…maybe 6-8 planes had crashed and were burning in the valley… I drove and drove, but getting lost, I drive crazy, filipping u’es and I say we have to get home to our babies (pets), they may have the roads blocked off……I thought we would drive by the picnic area on the way out and Judy could run out and grab her cooler (thinking about the cost of a cooler).  But the road didn’t take us that way, we were kind of lost then were at some rolling green hills, took a turn, more lost and saw a sign for HIGHWAY 42…. but didn’t know where highway 42 went…we came to a small town and was going to ask if 42 took us back to Phoenix but then woke up.

I got on the net, the first instance of Highway 42 was in Oregon, but there are a bunch of Highway 42’s in the country.  There’s also a stupid love song called Highway 42.