Anna (7 July 2011)

You made a comment that the Jewish feasts are not applicable to the Church, however the Holy
Spirit came on the Church on the Jewish feast of Pentecost so that is why I believe that the Jewish feasts do apply to the Church.  The next feast to be fulfilled was Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashana
Which 2011 falls on Sept 29-30 I believe. I have been a student of prophecy since I was born again in 1980.  Yes, 1988 was quite a let down!  A Messianic Jew was at my sister-in-law's church recently
And said that the rapture would be this year on Rosh Hashana.  When our children were small our
Family number was 7:11.  We saw that number on our clocks and other places constantly and I never did figure out what it meant.  If God does decide to rapture us on another day besides a feast day,
July would be awesome with me!  See you here or there or in the air!  God Bless you all. And a special
Thanks to John Tng.  This site means so much to me as everyone I know is SO tired of hearing me
Talk about prophecy!  After 30 years, I still haven't lost my zeal to watch and wait for that day!